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deerfeaild Augist 5

Honnored Father Sheldin

after duty presented these are to let you now that of reseved your letter; which we desiour to bles you for it pray give my Love with my wifes to sister mary and to all ye rest of ye captive I thought yt I wod com to boston but I think not to com-- I pray you to by for me a pare of curtings and a Father beaid and a graine Coverlid--and a neck lace of amber--I shall sende down 10 poun in mony by unkel Beniahman Stabins [Benjamin Stebbins] and if you do wont more mony you shall have ye rest win you do com hom and so I Subscribe my Self your dutifull Son John Sheldin

Begging yor prayr & Subscribe yor Excellencys Unworthy Friende & Servt

Samll Partridg

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