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The free moveable Estate of Ltt David Hoit of Deer=
=field deceased, amounting to 50--13—3d : I order the Settlement
thereof as followes; vizt: to Abigail Hoit Relict to the decea
=sed 16--17--9: one third part to be at her owne absolute
dispose forever: to Mary Hoit ye Grandchild to the deceased
and daughter to David Hoit Junr deceased Eldest Son to
Ltt David Hoit deceased, a double portion vizt: 9-13-0:
to Mary Hoit to Sarah Hoite; Jonathan Hoit, Benjn Hoit, and Ebenr
Hoit Children to the sd Ltt Hoit deceased 9-16-6d apiece
all Which I order the administrators to pay and set out to the Widdow; forthwith
and to the children when they come to be of age: according
to the aforesd proportions - and as to the Real Estate of
the sd Ltt David Hoit deceased I order, and appoint Capt
Jonathan Wells, Dan Beldin, Eliezr Hawkes, Edward
Allin, and Benoni Moore, or any three of them to be a committee=
= (who are to be sworne before the Judge of Probates) to
Set out to the Relict to the deceased, one third part In the
Housing, and land (to be For her use, and Improvement during
the terme [term] of her natural life, and to Mary Hoit the Grand
=child a double share, or portion, and to the children of
aforesd an equal share, and portion as aforesd-all to be-
distributed Rightly both as to quantity and quality; The
Improvemt of the Grandchilds share In the land, to be to the aforesd
Abigail Hoit, till further order = also the Improvemt of the
childrens portion, to be to the sd Widdow, or Relict, till they come
to be of age: The Widdows thirds, at the Expiration of her
terme, to be distributed In manner and proportion as aforesd=
The sd Committee to make returne of their division for the
Judge of Probates Confirmation - This I declare and deter=
=mine as a Settlement of the Estate of the sd Ltt David Hoit de=
=ceased, ordering the administrators to induct 16d: out of the mo=
=veabls to be deducted proportionably from Each receiver for
Febry 4th 1706/7 Charges Expended by the administrators
Samll Partridge

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