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These presents testifie, That Mashalisk (the
old woman, Mother of Wuttawwaluncksin) doth hereby Bargaine sell
& allienate a Tract of Land on ye southerly side of Pacomtuck Ri=
ver & so lying all along by Quinetticot River side downe to ye Lower
Point of ye Hill called Wequomps & by ye English Sugarloafe hill all ye
Tract of Land betweene ye greate River Quinetticot on ye east & ye ledge of
Mountaines on ye west, & on ye Northward fro Pacomtuck River
Mouth, Mantehelant downe southward to Wequomps to ye very Point of
Land where ye hills come to ye greate River called Tawwat or Tawwat
Togither wth all ye Islands in ye greate River, called Mattampash,
Allinnack, or Allinnackcooke, Taukkanackcoss, or by whatever other names
they may be called, all ye whole sd Tract of Land Mantehelek Mat=
tampash downe to Tawwat or Tawwattuck & so by ye ledge of Mountaines lie fro
greate River westward, The sd Mashalisk Doth sell all to
John Pynchon of Springfeild to him his heires & assignes for
ever, ffor & in Consideration of a debt of Ten large Bevers
& other debts of Wuttawoluncksin her sons wch shee acknowledges
her selfe ingaged for ye Payment off to John Pynchon aforesd:
ffor the said Just & due Debts & moreover for & in consideration of sixty fada
of wampum. 2. cotes some cotton & severall other small things all wch ye sd
Mashalisk acknowledge to have Recd & to be therewth fully satisfied &
contented, Doe fully clearly & absolutely give Grant Bargaine & sell unto John
Pynchon of Springfeild aforesd, hereby giving granting & resigning up to him
all my right Title & interest in ye aforesd land: To HAVE & to HOLD all
the sd land to ye only proper use & Behoofe of him ye sd John Pynchon his heires &
assignes for ever, wth all ye profits advantages & comoditys thereoff & thereunto
belonging whatsoever, & that for ever: And ye sd Meshalisk doth hereby covenant
& promise too & wth ye sd John Pynchon, that shee will ye sd Pynchon save harmless
of & from all manner of claimes right Title & interest of any other person whatsoever
unto ye sd Land hereby sold & will Defend ye same from all or any Molestation or In=
cumbrance of Indians right to all or any pt thereoff: & as having full right & Lawfull
Power thus to doe, Doth in witness thereoff, here unto affix her hand & seale
this 26th day of August 1672
Mash X shalisk
her marke
This being done & also dlrd (Seal)
In the Presence off
John holtum
Isaac morgan
the marke of
Ackki X[unbariet?] an Indian witness
her kinsman

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