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Hatfd Augst 10 1703

May it please yor Excellency
& Honorable Gentlemen

I have Lately Recd instructions from his Excellency Joseph Dudley Esqre or Governor of a particular accompt he hath Recd of a Company of Indians & Frentch that are come Out of Quebeque & divide themselves to come On Coniticot Mirimick Rivers & the Eastern pts this Night also by an Indian Post from Albany I Recd from the Gentlemen there that on ye 6th Inst three Mohowks came from Canada in 9 days who say that 300 of Indians with some Frentch are come Out from Quebeque in order to come upon New England, the Indian that Brought the Letter says he spake with sd Mohawks & they told him they had been come Out a Month so that if these things be true as we have Little grounds to Question it we haveing testimony both from East and West agreeing: as also the incapaistie we are in to deffend orselves, & being Now Sirprised and in dayly & hourely fear of the Enemys approach Especially at Derefd it being also the likelyest Season in all the year for such an Enemy to Molest us. Our Governr together with ye aforsd instructions appoints us in safe of hazzard apparent to apply orselves to yor Excellency for Releife of men & although we have not yet seen ye Enemy in or Bordr yet there being Usually Litle or no tyme betwixt the discovery of the Enemy & their striking their blow that we Now Upon ye aforesd have thought it or duty to Lay this matter before you with the fears of hazzard that we are undr propose that youd please to send Up immediately upon ye Receite of these, 50 or 60 men well fixed whome when here such directions & instructions as god shall guide them & us to we hope may of his Blessing be beneficiall for or Reliefe & disappointmt of something of the Mischevious intent of or bloody Enemys

Begging yor prayr & Subscribe yor Excellencys Unworthy Friende & Servt

Samll Partridg

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