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D2 Read &c Rom.12.12 (13.) 14
D3 Considr &c Ps.119.89 1.Kings 8.47.
Deut. 32/29/Ecc.11.8.
D4 Pray &c. Zach.12.10.
D5 Watch. &c. Mat 26.41
D6 Deny yr Corrin. &c-5.Mat.29.30.
Windsor Eastside of ye River March/5.1703/4
ye next Sabbath after Deerfield was taken by ye Fr & I
being about 2 hours before day, or at least early
In ye morning on Tuesday ye Last of Febry
1, Samll.3.11.and the Lord said to Samll: behold I
will do a thing in Israel, at wch: both ye ears of Eve=
ry one ye heareth, shall tingle.
Doc. The Sins of a Professing People do Sometimes
Provoke God to do such things amongst ym as
are very dreadfull.
This is very clear fro our text and [ ] ffollows in
ye next Chapter
PR Sometimes not only percular persons but a people
Pl in Genll: made a profession of Christianity or
sometimes a people may be said to be a pro=
fessing people Deut. 26.16.14.
PR sometimes a professing people are a Sinfull
People. &c Lam.,.8. Jr.1.4.
P2 As sometimes a professing People are A Sinfull
P3 Peoples so y yr Sins do provoke God to do very
dreadfull things amongst (y)m.
4. Sometimes ye Sins of a professing people do provoke God
do provoke God to send every son and m.
sicknesses amongst em. Ps.78.50.58

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