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Geneva Bible

The Geneva Bible, produced by the Church of Geneva in 1560, is an English translation from Hebrew and Greek. There are twenty-six engravings in the text and five maps. Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I, it was not printed in England until 1575 following the death of Archbishop Matthew Parker, editor of the Bishop's Bible. The Geneva Bible became very popular as the Bible of the home. Between 1560 and 1644 some 144 editions were produced. King James disapproved of the Geneva Bible due to its Calvinistic influence. His version of the Bible was an Anglican translation published in 1611. Eventually the King James Version replaced the Geneva Bible but not before the Geneva Bible was carried to America with the conviction of establishing a new nation.

Date: 1560 
Topic: Historic 
Materials: Leather, paper, ink
Dimensions: n.a. 
Accession #: Q.450.10

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