Courtesy National Archives of Canada, Ottawa

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Samuel de Champlain's Portrait

Samuel de Champlain (1567?-1635), French explorer and navigator, was important in establishing and administering the French colonies in the New World. He mapped much of northeastern North America. Champlain befriended the Wendat and helped them fight the Iroquois. In 1608 he established Québec as a fur-trading center, and he became the city's governor in 1633. This portrait of Champlain is by Theophile Hamel (1817-1870) after a mid 17th-century engraving by Balthazar Moncornet.

Date: mid 19th century 
Topic: Portraits 
Materials: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: currently unavailable 
Accession #: 1997-476-73

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