Courtesy Laboratoire et reserve d'archeologie du Quebec- Ministere de la Culture et des Communications

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Copper Kettle

This 17th-century copper kettle was one of nine found piled together in the vault of Maison Milot in Place Royale in Québec City. During French negotiations with Native Americans, a kettle such as this one would have been a valuable trade item or diplomatic gift. Strong and easy to transport, copper kettles or cooking pots were a welcome improvement over clay vessels. In addition, they provided the raw material for making tools and jewelry. Copper kettles and their iron handles could be cut up to make projectile points, knife blades, awls, tubular beads, and pendants.

Date: 1645 - 1668 
Topic: Household 
Materials: Copper
Dimensions: currently unavailable 
Accession #: 189-94

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