Courtesy Historic Northampton, Northampton, MA

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Deerskin Moccasins

After the arrival of European traders in the New World, Native clothing became a creative blend of traditional Native designs with European clothes and trade goods. These brain-tanned deerskin moccasins, made by an unknown Native artisan in the middle Connecticut River Valley, are decorated with traditional motifs in porcupine quills, silk ribbon and glass beads. There are brown silk ties at the center backs. The moccasins were collected by Mathew Woodruff sometime between 1636-1682.

Date: mid-17th century 
Topic: Personal 
Materials: Deerskin, beads, silk, quills, wool
Dimensions: H:3 in (7.6 cm),L:9 in (22.8 cm), W:3.5 in(8.8 cm) 
Accession #: 51.454

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