Centre de conservation du Québec, Jean Blanchet photographer

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This smoking pipe is fashioned from a single piece of wood. It belonged to a member of the militia from Dorcester, Massachusetts, who participated in a 1690 naval expedition from Boston. The expedition, led by Sir William Phips against Québec, was unsuccessful. One of thirty-two ships, the Elizabeth and Mary sank on its return voyage. This pipe was recovered along with numerous other artifacts in the ship's wreckage. Other pipes found included white clay examples of English or Dutch manufacture and red earthenware ones made by New England potters. As a group, they help provide insight into late 17th-century British colonial smoking habits.

Date: circa 1690 
Topic: Personal 
Materials: Wood
Dimensions: L: 7.16 in.(18 cm.), Bowl diam: .94 in.(2.4 cm.) 
Accession #: 57M16N2-43

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