Courtesy Centre de conservation du Québec, Michel Élie photographer

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Pistols were designed for personal protection and close combat. The stock and English style of lock mechansim on this pistol are typical characteristics of an English pistol used from 1660 to the 1680s. This example belonged to a member of the militia from Dorcester, Massachusetts. The owner was part of Sir William Phips' ill-fated naval expedition that sailed from Boston to capture Québec in 1690. The Dorcester Company's ship, one of thirty-two on the expedition, sank on its return voyage. This pistol was among the exceptional assemblage of weapons and other material culture recovered from the site in the mid 1990s.

Date: 1660 - 1680s 
Topic: Military 
Materials: Wood, metal
Dimensions: L: 16.9 in.(43 cm.) 
Accession #: 57M10L2-1

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