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John Sheldon's House

John Sheldon's house in Deerfield, Massachusetts, achieved local fame for its role in the 1704 raid on the town. The decision in 1847 by its owner to demolish the house and erect a new dwelling in its place led to one of the earliest recorded preservation movements in the United States. Appeals for donations to purchase and preserve the "Old Indian House" failed to raise enough money. The house was razed in 1848, save for a few architectural fragments, including the front door scarred with hatchet marks and a gash from the 1704 raid. Participants in this initial preservation effort went on to found the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association and to preserve other local buildings, artifacts and documents. George Washington Mark (1795-1879) of nearby Greenfield, Massachusestts, was one of many who came to view this famous local landmark. He painted the "Old Indian House" just before it was demolished.

Date: 1848 
Topic: Portraits 
Materials: oil on canvas
Dimensions: H: 18.25 in.(46 cm.), W: 24 in.(60.9 cm.) 
Accession #: 1931.02.01

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