Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston

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Drawing by Dudley Woodbridge

This 1728 drawing, entitled "Delineated at Deerfield," is a representation of Deerfield, Massachusetts, by Dudley Woodbridge. He was staying in the Deerfield home of Mehuman Hinsdale in October of that year. The drawing shows the town common with its third meetinghouse built in 1696. Also represented are a number of dwellings that may have lined the common. The large house at bottom right may be the John Sheldon House, which survived the 1704 raid on Deerfield. Woodbridge's drawing shows no evidence of a stockade around the town in 1728.

Date: 1728 
Topic: Historic 
Materials: Paper, ink
Dimensions: currently unavailable 
Accession #: MHS 4463

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