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Copy of the Peace treaty
Montréal, August 4, 1701

Ratification of the Peace concluded Last September [1700], between The Colony of Canada, The Savages Its allies, and the iroquois in a general assembly of the chiefs of each of these nations Convened by monsieur the Chevalier de Callieres governor and Lieutenant general for the King in new france.

In Montreal, the fourth august 1701 Given that Last Year there were here only representatives of the huron and the ottawa when I made peace with the Iroquois for myself and all my allies, I deemed it necessary to send the Sieur de Courtemanche, And the R. F. Anjalran, to all of the other nations my allies that were absent to apprise them of what Had taken place and to invite them to send Chiefs of each with the iroquois prisoners in their possession in order that they all Listen together to my word.

I am extremely joyous to see here now assembled all of my children, you huron, Sable ottawa, Kiskakon, Sinago ottawa, fork people, Saulteaux, potawatomi, Sauk, stinkards, wild rice people, fox, mascouten, Miami, Illini, amikwa, nipissing, algonkin, Timiskaming, Cree, inland people, Kickapoo, people of the Sault, of the mountain, Abenaki and you iroquois nations and that, having one another remitted your interests in my hands I may allow you all to live In tranquillity; I then hereby ratify today the peace concluded last august, my will being that there Be no more talk of the blows struck during the war, and I seize once more all your tomahawks, and all your other war instruments that I place with my own in a pit so deep that no one may take them back, to trouble the tranquillity that I am restoring between my Children, recommending when you meet that you treat each other Like brothers and that you accommodate one another in matters of hunting, in order that there be no Quarrel between you, and so that this peace will not be troubled, I repeat what I have already Said in the treaty that we have concluded, that should one of my children hit another, the one who will have been hit shall not take his revenge, neither himself nor through another, but that he will seek me out so that I may obtain redress, declaring to you that if the party at fault refused to give reasonable Satisfaction, I would join the offended party with my other allies to Compel him to do so, something I doubt could happen, given the obedience owed to me by my children who will remember what it is we are all agreeing to presently and in order that they not forget, I am tying my words to the necklaces that I will be handing to each of your nations so that your elders effect these upon your youth, I invite you all to smoke this peace calumet, which I will do first, and to eat this meat and this broth which I am having prepared for you so that I may have like a good father, the satisfaction of seeing all of my children assembled, I will keep this calumet that was offered to me by the miami so that I may have you smoke when you come to see me,

after all of the above nations had heard what monsieur le Chevalier de Callieres had to tell them, they responded as Follows,

The Chief of the Kiskakon I did not want my father knowing that you requested the Iroquois prisoners to fail to bring them to you, so here are four that I would present to you so that you may dispose of them as you see fit. It is with this porcelain that I unbound them and here is a calumet that I offer the iroquois so we may smoke together when we will meet, I am delighted that you have united this land that was disrupted and willingly subscribe to all that you have done.

The Iroquois
Here we are assembled our father, as you wished it so, last year you planted a peace tree And you gave it roots and leaves so that we may find refuge, we now hope that everyone hears what you are saying, that no one will touch this tree, for us we assure you, through these four necklaces, that we will follow all that you have arranged, we present to you these two prisoners and we will hand you the others that we have in our possession, We also hope that as the doors Are now open to peace that the rest of our people will be returned to us.

The huron,
Here we are as you requested, we present you with twelve prisoners, of which five want to return with us, as for the Seven others you may dispose of them as you please, we thank You for the peace that you have provided to us and we gladly ratify it,

Jean le blanc Sable ottawa, I have obeyed you my father as soon as you asked me by returning to you two prisoners of which you are the master when you commanded me to go to war I did so, and now that you defend me to do so, I obey you, I would ask you my father through this necklace that the Iroquois unbind my body that is with them, and that they return them to me (That is to say the people of His nation)

Sangouessy Sinago ottawa,
I did not want to disobey your orders my father though I have no prisoners, However here are a woman and a child that I purchased and that you may dispose of as you see fit and here is a calumet that I give the iroquois so that we may smoke as brothers when we will meet.

Chichicatalo, Chief of the Miami
I have obeyed you my father by returning 8 Iroquois prisoners that you may do with as pleases you, If I had had Canoes, I would have brought you more, though I do not see here those of mine that are with the iroquois, I will bring back the rest, should you wish so, or I will open the doors to them so that they may return,

Onanguisset for The Sauk,
I am but one body with you my Father, here is An Iroquois prisoner that I made at war, Suffer that while presenting him to you I give him a calumet to bring with him among the Iroquois and smoke when we will meet, I thank you for enlightening the Sun which was obscured since the war.

Onanguisset Chief of the Potawatomi,
I will not make a long speech my father, I have but two prisoners that I place on each side of you so that you may dispose of as you see fit, here is a calumet that I offer you for safekeeping, or so that you may hand to these two prisoners, for them to smoke back home, I am always ready to obey you to the death,

Mis8ensa Chief of the Fox,
I have no prisoners to hand back to you my father, but I thank you for the nice day that you are giving all of the Land through this peace, for myself I will never lose this Brightness,

The Mascouten
I do not bring you any iroquois Slaves given that I have not warred against them for some time now, having amused myself at warring against other nations, but I have came here to obey you and to thank you for the peace that you are providing for us, The wild rice people I have only come here my father to obey you and to embrace the peace that you have concluded between the Iroquois and ourselves, The Saulteaux and the Stinkards I would have brought you my father iroquois Slaves If I had had any, wishing to obey you in all that you command of me, I thank you for the brightness that you are giving us and hope that it will last,

The Nipissing
I did not want to miss coming here like the others to listen to your voice, I had an iroquois prisoner last year that I returned to you, here is a calumet that I offer you so that you hand it to the iroquois should you wish to do so to smoke together when we will meet,

The Algonkin
I have no prisoners to hand to you my father, the algonkin is one of your children that has always been yours, and that Will remain so as long as he lives, I pray the master of life so that what you are accomplishing today Lasts,

The Amikwa
Having no other will than your own I obey you in what you have just done,

The Abenaki,
Even though I speak among the Last I am nevertheless yours my father, you Know that I have always being attached to you I have no more tomahawks you buried them in a pit last year and I will take them back only when you command me to do so,

The People of The Sault,
You do not ignore you Iroquois that we Are attached to our father we who live with him and Are in His Bosom, you sent us a necklace three years ago to invite us to provide you with peace we sent you one, in return, we give you this one once again to tell you that we have worked to that end, we ask nothing better than that it Last, do what is necessary on your Part for that Purpose,

The People of the Mountain
You have assembled here our father all The Nations to make a pile of tomahawks and to bury them in the ground, with your own, for myself who had no other, I am delighted by what you are doing today, and I invite The Iroquois to look upon us as their brothers.

8entsi8an, onondaga

Toarenguenion, seneca

soue8on, for the oneida

Garonhiaren, Cayuga

mark of the rat, chief of the huron

the pike, for the sable, ottawa

mesc8adoue, acadia abenaki

8ta8tibris, for the sinago ottawa

haronhiateka, chief of the sault

mechayon, chief of the mountain

kile8iskingie, for the kiskakon

Ela8esse, for the fork

mark of the mississauga

mark of the amikwa, chief mahingan

mark of the saulteaux, chief 8abangué

mark of the, algonkin

village mark of the piankashaw

mark of chichicatallos, chief of the village

mark of the village established at St. joseph river

mark of 8tilirine chief

village mark of the Coiracoentanon

village mark of the peoria

village mark of the Tapouaro

village mark of the Moingwena

village mark of the tamaroa

a stump with three roots, village mark of the potawatomi

village mark of the Kaskakia

village mark of the ouiatenon

village mark

chief mark

mark of the Sauk

village mark

mark of Kinetouan chief

mark of the Fox

village mark of the stinkards 8abanih chief

mark of the menominee chief paitchico dessant

nypyna village mark CousCain chief

milchiCana dessant

Signed : Le Chevalier de Callieres, Bochart Champigny and others,

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