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Bullet Pouch

This leather bullet pouch, decorated with dyed porcupine quills and fringed ends, would have been draped over a belt for carrying ammunition It was probably made in Kahnawake, a Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) community on the Saint Lawrence River near the French settlement of Montréal. The pouch holds importance for Deerfield, Massachusetts, because it reportedly belonged to Arosen, Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams' Kanienkehaka husband. Eunice was captured as a young girl during the 1704 raid on Deerfield. According to family history, the pouch was given as a gift to the Reverend Stephen Williams, Eunice's brother, when Eunice and Arosen were visiting New England in the mid-18th century.

Date: circa 1750 
Topic: Military 
Materials: Deer hide, sinew, linen thread, porcupine quills
Dimensions: L: 19.5 in.(49.5 cm.), W: 3.25 in.(8.3 cm.) 
Accession #: IR.A.25

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