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Creation and Deeptime Stories


These narratives have been passed down from generation to generation; they help define and guide a culture's identity.

Wôbanakiak: Amiskwôlowôkoiak – the People of the Beaver-tail Hill (duration: 5:26 minutes)

MP3 format (file size 5.3MB)

Read: Text Transcript of story
Read: Explanation: The Geology and Cultural History of the Beaver Hill Story

Wendat: The Heritage of the Circle

In French: (duration: 2:53 minutes)

MP3 format (file size 2.8MB)

Read: Text Transcript of story in French

In English: (duration: 3:09 minutes)

MP3 format (file size 3.1MB)

Read: Text Transcript of story in English

Kanienkehaka: Story of Creation (duration: 14:36 minutes)

MP3 format (file size 14.5MB)

Read: Text Transcript of story



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