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The Raid on Deerfield website was developed in part with a National Leadership grant from the Institute for Museum & Library Services. As part of that grant, we have been charged with the responsibility of sharing what we have learned on this project with any museums or other organizations that might wish to develop a website that is similar to ours. For example, if another museum would like a model for presenting multiple points of view on a topic, our website and the project management, design and programming behind it, is available for use, free to non-profits. In addition, if an organization would like a model for how to use micro, or local history, as a lens or window through which visitors can view national events and issues, our website is a model. The "How To" section of our website is a beginning point for organizations who wish to learn how we "did it." Follow-up emails and phone calls to our staff are encouraged. All emails can be sent to Tim Neumann, and phone calls can be made to 413-774-7476.



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