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Lesson 3
Through the Eyes of the Survivors - Student Activity Sheet

  1. Go to the People Menu on the 1704 website and skim the stories of Atiwans, Jonathan Hoyt, Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville, Thaowentsawakon, Tsohahisen, Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams and John Williams. Choose one of these people and imagine that you are that person. Read his/her character narrative thoroughly and take notes on what happened to your survivor before, during, and after the raid, and how it affected his/her life. Also take note of anything that you think is really important to help us to know your character better.
  2. Create a Power Point presentation about your survivor. Tell what happened before, during, and after the raid through the eyes of your character. You can pretend to be that person, and tell their story and express their thoughts, as they might have done, and in their own words (for example, "I felt…" or "I thought…"). Or, you can be a modern-day narrator, describing how your survivor thought and felt about what happened (for example, "he felt…" or "she thought…"). Be sure to include important facts and descriptions about the person's way of life, or incidents that might help us to know the person better. Tell why this person thought the raid happened, why it was it a good or bad thing, how the attack affected his or her life.

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