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Lesson 4
A Map & Math Lesson With Jonathan Hoyt

Subject Areas
• U.S. History - Colonial America and the New Nation
• Mathematics
• Geography - mapping

Upper elementary & middle school

Learning Objectives
After completing these activities, students will be able to:
• Use a scale of miles to figure the mileage from one point to another
• Use the Mapquest website
• Use the following math skills - dividing, multiplying, creating fractions

• Interpreting visual information
• Map reading
• Dividing and multiplying
• Creating fractions
• Converting

Time Required
One class to two class periods

In this lesson, students take an interdisciplinary look at the life of Jonathan Hoyt by using their map and math skills to answer a number of questions about his life and his captivity experience.

Guiding Questions
About how far did the captives walk per day?  How does their time to walk compare to how long it would take to drive that distance today?  How far away from home did Jonathan end up?  How much ransom money was paid for Jonathan?

map of the march to Canada

The route to Canada from Deerfield.

Preparing to Teach

  1. Go to the People Menu on the 1704 website and click Jonathan Hoyt. Read about his life.
  2. Click the Parting Ways section at the top of Jonathan Hoyt's character narrative. In the second paragraph of Parting Ways, click the word place to familiarize yourself with the map of The March to Canada.

Teaching the Lesson

  1. If students are using computers in class, instruct them to complete the Student Activity Sheet for this lesson. If they will be using computers elsewhere, either give them the Student Activity Sheet URL: http://1704.deerfield.history.museum/teachers/lesson4_student.jsp, or print the Student Activity Sheet and distribute copies to students.
  2. Once students have completed the Student Activity Sheet, discuss student answers in class.

Suggested answers to the Student Activity Sheet.

From the Story Menu on the 1704 website:

  • March to Canada scene
  • Parting Ways scene

The Children of Deerfield, by Kelsey Flower


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