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Lesson 7
Should We Keep Him? - Student Activity Sheet

  1. Go to the People Menu on the 1704 website, click Stephen Williams, and read about him. Read all sections except the Epilogue. Take note of:
    a. What he did to help his family
    b. His family's position in Deerfield society
    c. His plans for the future
    d. What his education included
    e. His religious beliefs and the place of religion in his daily life
  2. Once he was captured, what were Stephen's complaints? How was he feeling, both physically and mentally?
  3. Now go to Meet the Five Cultures and read about the Wobanakiak. Then click Learn More About the Wobanakiak. Start reading at the Ancient Oral Traditions section and read to the end of the whole section. Take note of:
    a. What a Wobanaki boy might do to help his family
    b. How a Wobanaki child received his/her education and what it included
    c. Wobanaki values and skills
  4. Go to the People Menu, click Wattanummon and read about him. Be sure to read the sections Wattanummon's People and Home, Traditions are Passed On, Attack on Deerfield, The March, and Parting Ways.
    a. Why do you think Wattanummon captured Stephen?
    b. How did Wattanummon help his captive?
    c. What skills and strengths was he looking for in Stephen? Did Stephen seem to have any of them?
    d. While still in Deerfield, do you think Stephen received as much farming experience as other boys around him? Do you think he did as much physical work as they might have done? Why or why not?
    e. Do you think Wattanummon should have kept Stephen? Why or why not? If you were a Wobanaki and Wattanummon had given Stephen to you, would you have kept him? Why or why not?
  5. Now read the Epilogue section of Stephen's life to find out if he stayed with the Wobanakiak or returned home. How do you think his captive experience affected him throughout his life?

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